gccYour Guild membership is not automatic! Fair share dues are deducted from all bargaining unit members, but you are only a member of the Guild if you join! Please use this Membership Application Form to join the Guild. Guild members have additional benefits, including voting rights for Guild officers and the collective bargaining agreement. Check for Meeting Dates on our www.glendale.edu/guild college website.






  • Recreation Connection

Guild members have access to Recreation Connection (www.recreationconnection.com), which offers numerous entertainment discounts. Monthly newsletters are posted on the Guild website and announced to all members via email.

  • Automatic benefits

Negotiations assistance, grievance representation, the right to vote for Guild officers and policies in elections, and the right to be a candidate in a Guild election. Subscriptions to 4 periodicals - AFT’s “American Educator”, and “On Campus”, plus the CFT’s “California Teacher”, and “The Perspective” from its Community College Council. Insurance coverage, including $1 Million professional liability insurance, and union liability insurance for members doing Guild work. Also, there is a $10,000 Term Life and Accidental Death Insurance policy for new members, which is free for a year.

  • Benefits You May Purchase

In addition to paid extensions to the plan that is free for a year (immediately above), one can purchase Disability Income Insurance ( two plans available and include coverage for disabilities resulting from pregnancy), Term Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Custom Health Benefits (limited health insurance), Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, and two Pet care plans. Also, call about the AFT Plus Credit Card ( 800-522-4000 ), and discounts on Car Rental (Alamo 800-354-2322 , Budget 800-455-2848 , National 800-227-7368 ), Education Loans ( 866-353-3184 ), Credit Counseling ( 877-833-1745 ), Dental/Prescriptions/Vision ( 888-949-8184 ), Flowers ( 888-667-7779 ), Health Clubs ( 888-294-1500 ) Home Mortgage ( 800-981-3798 ), Legal Services ( 888-993-8886 ), Magazines ( 800-729-6247 ), and Entertainment ( 800-565-3712 ). Plenty of information about all of these offers and more available at AFT Plus Member Benefits (www.aft.org) or call 800-238-1133 . ext. 8643).